Machine Automation
Automatic detection, also known as machine vision, is an important part of machine automation. It relies on camera and system sorting rules to manage defect detection and quality assurance. Through the use of cameras, lighting and optics, the process control of the machine is enhanced, and the data is collected and analyzed to guide the robot to operate faster and more accurately.
Intelligent Packaging Robot Solution
Packaging robots are highly automated, flexible and reliable packaging machinery. Yanling ’s intelligent packaging robots include palletizing robots, boxing robots, wrapping packaging robots, handling robots, etc. Yanling ’s intelligent packaging robots have visual recognition technology and Cloud management technology, visual recognition technology can choose the appropriate packaging materials according to different goods. Cloud management technology can upload the cargo information to the cloud for summary and analysis.
Machine Vision And Motion Control Of IPC
To achieve the perfect cooperation between machine vision and motion control, a high-performance embedded industrial computer is needed as the "brain" of the system, providing I/O to connect IP cameras, sensors and mechanical controllers for complex image recognition, algorithm operation, and instruction distribution.