One-stop Manufacturer

This is our ARM/X86+FPGA PCBA/SMT Factory.

We Produce,
Manufacture and Deliver

As a manufacturer, Sienovo Embed has the ability to deliver quickly. Our manufacturing center is located in Shenzhen Baoan Smart Valley, with first-class equipment and control to ensure on-time project completion and high-quality product delivery.

To ensure the quality of our products meet the international standard requirements, we always focus on the quality and reliability of our products, with 3C, CE, FCC, ANATEL and other product certifications, so that our high-quality products built with craftsmanship go to all over the world and into thousands of homes.
Outstanding Production Capacity

Professional process flow

Full system communication product process and technical standards

16 years of experience in R&D and production of communication access systems and terminal equipment

Large-scale manufacturing capability

Standardized and intelligent manufacturing of communication products

Optimal scheduling of MES system

Closed-loop management of IMS intelligent manufacturing management system

Rapid delivery capability for trial production and mass production

Leading testing capability

Full-standard communication product debugging and testing capabilities

Research and innovation lab with balanced comprehensive capabilities

Fully automated frequency shot testing, hardware performance testing, software testing, environmental reliability testing, structural reliability testing

Full-time technical support
We will provide excellent technical support in the whole process of product development, production and sales. Professional and technical staff with more than 16 years of industry experience and rich product expertise are online  to respond to all your questions promptly.
The production test software and production test fixtures of our own knowledge products effectively realize production automation to ensure the stability and reliability of our products and efficient and flexible production and manufacturing.

Aging Oven

Salt Spray Tester

Transportation Vibration Tester